Easter 2017 is coming!

Easter is coming!  Don’t forget to buy some Honey Balls for your keiki’s Easter baskets.  They come in 3 flavors; Original, Strawberry & Rainbow.  There are 5 bags on a strip (portion controlled).  Available at Fisher, Foodland, Marukai and Fisher Hawaii.

Honey Ball Original (Strip)

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  1. I frequently purchase your rock salt plums online and at Walgreens, today I purchased some and I noticed the name changed to seedless plums which I assumed great all the flavor with no seeds but when I tasted one it was very unpleasant and difficult to eat I didn’t finish them it seems like the sugar & salt ratio are off way too sweet and not enough salt, why change something that’s already good please give me some feedback on these changes and am I able to buy the original rock salt plums?

    1. Hi Mijon, Seedless plum and rock salt plum are two completely different products. Our rock salt plum will always have the seed in it. If you have any other questions I will be glad to answer them. Have a nice day!

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