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Hawaii Local Box - Jade Food Products Inc
Hawaii Local Box - Jade Food Products Inc

Hawaii Local Box (FREE SHIPPING!)

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When you're away from home the one thing that brings you back is SNACKS.  Hawaii snacks always hit the sweet spot and we want to make sure your bases are covered while away.  This box set is the perfect care package for someone you love or if you just want to dive into Hawaii's snack scene!

Card option: If you're sending this as a gift, we can include a small "thinking of you" card so they know who it's from!  When you're at your cart, just tell us who it's going to and who it's from in the "add a note to your order" box.  If you do not leave a message we will assume it's to the person listed in the shipping address and from the person in the billing address.

The Hawaii Local Mix Box has a retail site value of $34 + applicable shipping rates but if you buy this set then you get everything for $32 and it includes shipping!  

The set includes:

- 1 Strawberry Sour Belts w/ Li Hing Packet (2.25 oz): Strawberry sour belts with a li hing packet to sprinkle over to taste 

- 1 Li Hing Sour Gummy Apple (2.25 oz): Sour apple gummies sprinkled with Li Hing Powder

- 1 Dry Lemon Peel (1.25 oz): This is one of our top sellers!  It's a type of preserved lemon that's pressed flat and then seasoned.  People in Hawaii either eat it on its own or grind it up to sprinkle over gummies

- 1 Sweet Li Hing Mui (1.0 oz): Our #1 best seller since 1961!  Li Hing Mui is a type of crackseed, more specifically a dried, preserved plum.  This type of crackseed is probably the most well known out of all the different offerings  

- 1 Li Hing Mango (1.75 oz):  We love mango season, unfortunately it doesn't last all year.  Dried Li Hing Mango is the perfect substitute with the same sweetness you love and a little salty  

- 1 Shredded Saki Ika (1.25 oz): Saki Ika is seasoned dried squid.  Dried seafood is the perfect salty snack for pupus at home or an on the go snack!

- 1 Local Style Arare (6 oz): Arare is a rice cracker snack that's commonly seasoned with shoyu (soy sauce).  It's a wonderful salty, crunchy snack to munch on!  In Hawaii, we commonly add some to our popcorn for a nice movie snack!

- 1 Kuai Kuai Corn Snack (1.83 oz):  This snack is all over the 7-11 shelves in Asia and the company has been around for 50+ years!  Think of this corn snack like a puffy cheeto but with a slight sweet glaze.  The corn snack will be in the Original flavor

- 1 Squeeze N' Bite Snack Lychee (9.8 oz): Squeeze N' Bite is a jelly snack that's perfect for a hot summer day!  Cool off by throwing a few of these in a fridge and enjoy the refreshing treat     

- 1 Dr. Q Mango Konjac Fruit Jelly (9.35 oz):  Can you tell we love mango?  Even better it's bursting with flavor because it's made with 22% real juice!     

- 1 Garlic Green Peas Snack (8.46 oz): Another wildly popular snack in Asia!  These garlic peas are roasted to perfection with some garlic and have the perfect crunch that's NOT going to break your teeth.  Each bag has smaller individually wrapped pouches for maximum freshness and portion control (believe us you'll want to keep snacking)

Please note that we reserve the right to swap out any of the items for a comparable/equal priced item/flavor if unavailable, thank you for your understanding!

NOTE:  THE SHIPPING FOR THIS BOX IS INCLUDED.  Any additional items will be shipped separately with a corresponding shipping rate. 

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