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The holidays are quickly approaching, so here's an easy gift idea to put on your radar!  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to let your loved ones, near or far, know that you're thinking of them this holiday season.  To add to the excitement, we are offering special and/or exclusive items (bolded) for this set and can't wait for you guys to try them. 

Packaging: The items will be placed in an eco friendly basket and then shrink wrapped to keep everything in place with a nice ribbon + card (see more details below).    

The Holiday Box includes:

- Li Hing Peach O's (2.5 oz): Peach flavored gummy rings tossed in Li hing powder

- Li Hing Sour Apple Gummies (2.25 oz): Apple flavored gummies tossed in Li hing powder 

- Li Hing Lemon Bears (6 oz): Lemon Peel Gummies are the hottest snacks right now!  Our lemon peel gummies are different from what's on the market as they are a "dry" style/rub gummy (vs. wet).

- Li Hing Cotton Candy (0.88 oz): Li hing flavored cotton candy

- Premium Li Hing Mui (5 oz): The same great flavor as our normal sweet Li hing mui, but bigger! 

- Seedless Rock Salt Plum Mui (7 oz): We put a twist on our classic plum mui!  This plum mui has seedless rock salt meaning...easier snacking without having to worry about the seed.  This item is not sold in stores!  

- Li Hing Mango (7 oz): Dehydrated Li hing mango, you already know it delicious.

- Red Lemon Peel (4 oz): Ahh yes, the lemon that takes 3x longer to make.  You guys can't get enough of it and we're amazed every time the site sells out so we decided to include it in our holiday set since it's so festive.

- Li Hing Powder (2.0 oz.): sprinkle this red powder over everything to make it look and taste festive.

Shipping is included!

Card Instructions: When you're ready to check out, please include the name of who the box is going to as well as who it's from within the cart notes!

** We reserve the right to substitute a product of equal or greater value if a product is unavailable.