Jade Crackseed Hawaii

"What's crackseed?"

A common question we get a ton here at Jade!  Crackseed is Chinese style preserved fruit that comes in many different forms and is made with a variety of different fruit.  The term "Crackseed" is an umbrella term for all types of preserved chinese style fruit.  The term comes from a preparation step of crackseed (the actual product) where the seed of the plum is cracked to release flavor into the surrounding fruit meat.  Some common fruits used are plums, peaches, lemons, and mangos and they are preserved via pickling, dehydrating, and more! 

Jade Food Products has been producing crackseed in Hawai'i since 1961!  Our founder, Hollis Ho, went to China and convinced some cooks to relocate and bring their craft to Hawai'i.  From there, the recipes were tweaked slightly to cater to local tastes and preferences and for the most part haven't changed much since we started.  Yes!  That means our seed is still handmade!!  Because of how delicate the fruits are during the cooking process, pretty much everything must be made by hand!  Over the years, crackseed has become a nostalgic local snack, taking people back to the old days.  To read more about Jade's history, navigate to "About Us" on the menu bar.  

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