Finger Li Hing Good Ribs

(published in the Honolulu Star Bulletin 6/30/99)

This recipe won first-place in the Taste of Honolulu’s rib contest sponsored by Tony Roma’s. The creator, Ruth Lin, president of International Specialities, flavored her ribs with Scotch whiskey and Li Hing Mui powder. May need salt to taste.

1 lb spareribs

Li Hing Mui Powder for garnish

1 – ½ C water *
½ C lemon juice
3 – ½ T packed light brown sugar
3 T honey
1 T grated ginger
1 jigger Scotch whiskey
Combine marinade ingredients. Soak ribs at least 4 hours. Prepare grill with coals or kiawe apple wood so that one side burns cooler. Grill 20-25 minutes, starting at high heat and moving ribs to cooler side as they start to glaze. Sprinkle ribs with Li Hing powder to taste.

* Personal note: If you like the ribs more salty, substitute 1 C shoyu instead of 1½ water or to taste.

Li Hing Mui Chicken Marinade and Dressing – from Wilcox Hospital – Kauai

½ C Shoyu (preferably Aloha)
2 T cider vinegar
½ C water
2 T sugar
2 cloves minced garlic
1 t crushed chili pepper flakes
1 T green onions, finely chopped
1 t Li Hing Mui powder (preferably Jade brand)
1 ½ T modified food starch
Put all ingredients together in the order listed. Dissolve modified food starch by stirring well and let stand for 15 minutes. Yield 1 3/4 cups.
4 – 4 oz Chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
4 T finely minced lemongrass tops
1 Mango seed from ripe mango
½ C Li Hing Mui Marinade
With your hand, squeeze juice pulp from mango over breasts, press or rub 1 T of lemongrass on each breast. Spray cooking spray (PAM) around chicken breasts and marinate at least 4 hours or over night. Chicken may be broiled or pan fried with pam. Cook until meat is white and juicy. Slice into strips.

Li Hing Ice Cake

1 can orange or strawberry soda
1 can 7-Up soda
1 can condensed milk
1 C milk
1 or 2 T Jade’s Li Hing Powder (to taste)
2 T sugar (or to taste)
1 T fresh lemon (optional)
Throughly mix all ingredients together, put into small paper cups and freeze. For a better blend, stir the mix after about 1.5 hrs in the freezer, then continue freezing.

You may put less Li Hing Powder for a sweeter taste.

Li Hing Pickled Mango (from Abe Ho’s kitchen)

20 – 25 medium sized green mangoes (can use cigar, common, or any green mango
2 C cider vinegar
½ C Hawaiian salt (rock salt)
4 ½ C sugar (4 brown & ½ C white)
6 C water
½ t 5 spice
15 – 20 Jade brand Li Hing Mui seeds
Heat water & salt to dissolve, then add vinegar, sugar & 5 spice. Bring to boil and let cool before pouring over sliced mangoes (otherwise mangoes get cooked.

Usually do sauce first then slice mangoes. Put slice mangoes in container and add Li Hing Mui seeds, add more mangoes, etc.

Note: Be sure to sterilize bottles in boiling water for 5 minutes and let cool before putting mangoes in.

Prune Mui (from Margie Chang’s Kitchen)

8 – 12 oz pitted prunes
6 oz Wet Lemon (3 medium size Jade packages)
4 oz Li Hing Mui (~ 3 medium size Jade packages)
6 oz Li Hing Apricot (3 medium size Jade packages)
1 lb box Light brown sugar
3 T Hawaiian salt (or rock salt)
3 T Scotch or Bourbon, or Brandy or Sherry (optional)
1 t Chinese 5 spice
10 whole cloves
1½ C fresh Lemon juice (about 7 lemons)
Combine last 6 ingredients & mix throughly in a large bowl. You can use a bowl that can be covered like Tupperware etc).

Add prunes, Lemon Peel, Li Hing Mui, Li Hing Apricots and toss well. Let stand for 4 days or longer. Toss and mix at least 2 times a day. Makes 1 gallon.

Things people do with our left over Pickled Apricot juice . . . Honest!

Arare Pour it over Arare. Make sure you eat it fast! Can also add popcorn to this concoction.
Li Hing Mui Soak Jade’s Li Hing Mui in it then eat um up

Tropical Salsa

6 T Crushed Pineapple (less than 1 – 6 oz can)
6 T Jade’s Sweet Sour Papaya (approx 1 – 2.25 oz pkg)
1 T Cilantro (Chinese parsley)
1 T Jalapeno peppers (deseeded) optional
3 T Maui onion (or other mild onion)
Salt to taste

Dice and mix together, salt to taste. Feel free to adjust the recipe to your taste.

Great on grilled chicken or fish (use like chutney). For salsa with chips, make sure to finely dice the ingredients for a better taste blend.

Sprinkle me with Li Hing Powder . . . and spice up your life!

Arare Sprinkle on top.
Candy People are putting it on all kinds of soft and hard candy.
Fresh Fruit Watermelon, apple slices, star fruit . . . or any thing you want your kids to eat (that’s what the soccer mom’s tell me)
Popcorn Tired of furi kaki popcorn? Substitute or add Li Hing Powder on top.
Margaritas Rim your glasses with Li Hing Powder (along with the salt & lime). It creates a new and fun taste. (We are NOT promoting alcohol. This is just what some people use Li Hing Powder for).
Won Ton Pi Keri tells me that she slices the pi, deep frys it and sprinkles Li Hing powder on it as soon as she takes it out of the oil (so the powder sticks). Her kids love it.