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Jade Food Products Waipahu Warehouse

Crackseed First

“How local can you get?”

Jade Food Products is a family owned and operated provider of crackseed snacks since 1961. Over the years our business has seen many changes and dabbled in different ideas, but one thing has always been constant: our "Crackseed First" approach.

What does this mean? Our recipes have remained almost untouched for almost 60 years, allowing us to maintain the consistent flavors and aloha that we have become known for in our community. We pride ourselves in offering the freshest crackseed, done so by running smaller batches. As soon as it's ready, we package it and send it out for you all to enjoy. This means that it's not sitting on a boat for months and then on a shelf for a few more. Fresh crackseed is the best crackseed.

We pride ourselves in being a made in Hawaii manufacturer doing what we love most: carrying on a tradition of crafting nostalgic snacks that bring those near and far away back home with every bite.   

Our Story

Jade Food Products was established in 1961 by Hollis Ho. He wanted to bring something unique to Hawaii and was always on the lookout for the "next thing." After a failed pizza shop attempt (too early for its time), he decided on crackseed after many trips to the factories in Asia. Ho found a cook and convinced him to relocate and together, they brought crackseed manufacturing to Hawaii. Many of the recipes were tweaked to cater to local tastes and preferences and since then have largely remained the same. Over the years, Jade has maintained 50+ varieties of crackseed for the community to cherish and is proud to be the only crackseed manufacturer in Hawaii.   

Jade Food Products Hollis Ho
Jade Food Products, Wahiawa Location

Our mission

Our mission is to carry on the craft of creating crackseed in hopes of bringing back nostalgic memories with every bite to those with Hawaii in their hearts, near or far. 

Image circa 1990 at Jade's new factory at the time in Wahiawa