Crackseed Machine

Crackseed Machine

Here at Jade, we're super old school.  Our family's been in Hawai'i since before it became a state and for the most part, we've run Jade the same way we've been doing so for the past 60 years.  We found a groove that works for us and have been cranking away at it ever since.  

In this blog, we just wanted to share something that's been apart of our company since the very beginning, our crackseed machine!  Excited?  Us too!  This piece of equipment is a LEGACY piece and has been in the same spot for as long as we can remember (3 generations of our family working at Jade). 

A little background, crackseed (also referred to as crack seed, crackseeds) is an umbrella term for all kinds of Chinese style preserved fruits, but is also the name of a specific type of crackseed (in the same way we call tissue a Kleenex).  The name is derived from the way that the seed is cracked in order to release the flavor into the surrounding fruit.

Now back to the machine, it's SUPER old.  They really don't make machines like this anymore so we take extra precautions to make sure our machine is in the best shape possible.  We've been going to trade shows for years and have never seen them around making it close to irreplaceable.  It's stood the test of time and helps us continue to make crackseed the way it's always been made. 



In a sense, Jade is almost frozen in time with the taste and tradition of our products and we love how they get our customers to reminisce about their childhood in Hawai'i!


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