Li Hing Everything

Here in Hawai'i, Li Hing powder is the go to topping for almost anything!  But what is it and why are people in Hawaii o b s e s s e d with it?  Hawaii residents have high standards for their food so if they love it you know it must be the bomb.  For those of you new to this product, li hing powder is ground up seasoned (with licorice, sweetener, etc) plums!  It's the perfect topper for fruits (pineapples, apples, mangos, to name a few), ice cream, sorbet, gummy candies, and even fried chicken!  To make it easy, we've compiled our Li hing products in one place to get you started.  One thing, the powder may leave behind evidence of snacking in the form of faint red finger stains, so snack carefully if you don't want anyone to know!

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