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Licorice Plum AKA Horsesh*t (PROP65)

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  • Licorice Plum is basically our Sweet Whole with some licorice sprinkled on top. 
  • This product has come to be known as Horseh*t, for semi obvious reasons. 
  • Don't let it's appearance rule it out for you, be adventurous and who know, you might end up loving it!  
  • Note: The licorice tends to blend in to the seed after a few days because of the moisture from the seed.  Therefore the licorice may not be as noticeable as the picture.
  • Net Weight:  1 lb. bag
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Ingredients: Plum, licorice, sugar, salt, water, 0.1% sodium benzoate (as a preservative).