WARNING: Counterfeit Li Hing Mui Products (*Updated Sept. 30, 2022)

   Jade Food Products, Inc. does not authorize the sale or resale of our items by a third-party seller on sites like eBay.com and Amazon.com.  We have recently been notified of several unauthorized third-party sellers on eBay and Amazon who has been selling counterfeit or expired Li Hing Mui Products.  These products commonly have their expiration dates removed, restamped, or stickered over and sold at very high prices.   Please note that Jade Food Products, Inc. has not manufactured and sold Sweet Li Hing Mui (Red) and Sweet Li Hing Mui (White) for individual resale in Green Jade Bags or Jade Jars for more than one (1) year.  This is due to a shortage of FDA approved plums needed to make our products.  If you purchased Li Hing Mui products sold in green Jade bags, jars, or one of the following counterfeited labeled items on a website, eBay, or Amazon, please report the seller immediately and return the counterfeit items.  The following products are included in this warning. 

Products of Warning:

Sweet Li Hing Mui Red 1oz Green Bag
Sweet Li Hing Mui Red 4.5oz Green Bag
Sweet Li Hing Mui White 1.25oz Green Bag
Sweet Li Hing Mui White 4.5oz Green Bag
*Sweet Li Hing Mui 4.5oz Clear Bag (Fake Label)
Sweet Li Hing Mui White 5oz Green Bag
Sweet Li Hing Mui White Jars (All Sizes)

    *Locations Reported Selling Items: (Updated: September 30, 2022)


    *Indicators of Counterfeit Label Product (updated Sept. 30, 2022)
    - Label is not glossy
    - Label does not have Expiration Date
    - Label does not have yellow holographic flowers
    - Label does not have gold foil trims
    - Label should be borderless with gold trim on edge

    *The following counterfeit items was reported to Jade

    Purchased on Amazon from Horizon Peak Deals and Best Deal Plus
    Fake Red Li Hing Mui

    Sample of Authentic Jade Labels for Li Hing Mui

    Safe Products Sold Recently (Month of April 2022): (Only from www.jadefood.com)

    Sweet Li Hing Mui White 5oz Clear Bag With Authentic Label
    Premium Seedless Li Hing 2oz Clear Bag With Authentic Label