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Sweet Li Hing Mui Red (PROP65)

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So sorry item is out of stock and we are working hard on availability once again! (Approx. August) 

  • Jade's Sweet Red Li Hing Mui is a bestseller just like the white version! 
  • Same great taste but with the classic red (for good luck) color that may or may not leave behind some evidence of snacking on your fingers. 
  • Sweet and slightly sour so pucker up cause one piece packs a punch.  
  • Size: Multiple size bags available
  • Made in Hawaii 
  • Ingredients: Plum, licorice, salt, sugar, aspartame, red #40, water. PHENYLKETONURICS:CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE
  • Uses: Put in with your pickled mango to give your mango a nicer color and a sweet/salty taste.  Put in the middle of a lemon slice and then eat it.  Add to your prune mui.  Put into your tequila and let it sit to give it a mellow flavor.  Let us know what other uses  you discovered!